Admit It You Screwed Up Now Fix It: CityKin is unhappy with the recent changes at Over-the-Rhine’s Findlay Market.

Hipster Graffiti: 5chw4r7z checks out yarn-bombing in Cincinnati.

Oakley Gets Development Fit for Suburbs with New Millworks Plan: Urban Cincy does not like this planned infill project.

The History of Art, Crime, Drugs and Punk Rock on the Lower East Side: John Joseph, former frontman for the Cro-Mags now offers walking tours of the LES in NYC.

Shop We Love: Fire Escape Farms: Fire Escape Farms in San Francisco, one of the super-cute shops that carries our seed bombs, is featured in Sunset Magazine.

The New York That Wasn’t (But Might Have Been): fascinating speculation from the Old Urbanist.

Adopt-A-Building on the Panorama: adopt any building in the city that’s represented in the large-scale Panorama of the City of New York at the Queens Museum.


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