Cincinnati’s Urban Kroger Stores Face a Unique Design Opportunity: now that corner stores are all but extinct in Over-the-Rhine, let’s examine the neighborhood Kroger.

Fox 19 Shooting ‘Queen City’ Reality Show: Cincinnati silliness.

Searching for a Crashed Jet in the NJ Woods: Scouting NY finds what appears to be a “Lost” set in the wilds of New Jersey.

Rack Photography Panoramas: Bellevue Hill Pavillion and Union Terminal are among the Cincinnati sights viewable in these panoramas.

St. Marks Place and Its Mosaics: incredibly detailed walking tour of one of NYC’s most famous streets.

Visit a National Park with Charley Harper: beautiful illustrations of natural microcosms from the master of Minimal Realism himself.

Here Is What Brooklyn Was Like in the Summer of 1974: amazing images.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Once you’ve watched Women of the Cincinnati Police on, I believe, TLC, Fox 19’s effort seems like the work of soulless amateurs.

  2. I’m sort of curious about that cop show. The one I linked to sounds a bit like the Real Housewives franchise [well, maybe that’s too harsh, but sounds like it’ll be a bunch of local socialites schmoozing and boozing].

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