Putting Lipstick on a Pig: searing response to Laure Quinlivan’s efforts to improve Cincinnati’s Brand Image.

A Moment in Time Preserved 163 Years, Newly Accessible: the newly restored 1848 panorama of Cincinnati in now on view at the public library downtown.

Race — Don’t Walk — to Indianapolis: “Museums and music, college and pro sports, memorials and steakhouses and one very famous auto race every spring.”

The Return of the Native: the always-excellent Urbanophile on the “boomerang” phenomenon in the Midwest.

In Defense of the Corner Market : a rebuttal to the much-discussed “food desert” problem.

What Makes a “New Yorker” a New Yorker?: so wonders a British transplant.

“Children at Play” Signs Imperil Our Kids: just that.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. “Searing” though? For real? Nah. Just me shootin’ my mouth off as usual 🙂

    Wow. I feel like you do when the neighbors stop by and the house is a mess. So I tidied up that article quite a bit. Thanks for the shout out. I love your digs.

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