A House Divided: Soap Opera in Cincinnati: the battle to save the historic Gamble House; also see The Gamble House, Before and After.

Ault & Armleder Park (Fog in the Prairie, Linwood Public School, Our Lady of Loretta, Murdock Fountains): exploring Cincinnati, one sunrise at a time.

About All Those “Portland” Lifestyle Trends…: a smackdown from a former New Yorker now living in Portland, OR.

Update Your Garden with Fun and Fresh Ideas from Etsy: our West Coast seed bombs on Planet Green.

Travel to: Yee Haw Industries – Knoxville, TN: Nikki of Not Made in China visits the letterpress mecca.

Spotted On Montrose Avenue: HYacinth 7-2041: a strange homage in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

East Village Cupcake Crawl to Benefit NYC Homeless: noted without comment.


5 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. The NY’er in Portland post was definitely thought-provoking. And a bit of a cheap shot at J-Moss, who, from what I recall, did not grow up in NY but transplanted around ’92 or thereabouts. On the surface, it’s a legit callout. As in, “How can you bemoan old-school NY losing out to the New Portlandish Ideas if you’re a mere carbetbagger yourself?” But all the artisanal, organic, etc. things lauded by well-off whiteys today used to be something a UN of ethnicities enjoyed, but for about 1/2 or 1/3 the price. Fresh vegetables, butcher, cheese shops, real bakeries–these all were plentiful. The difference is that the form they’re taking in modern NY is creating a monoculture of lily whiteness, putting a luxury stamp on things that should be everyone’s by right. If a bedroom apartment is $2,500+ down in the East Village, a $14 burger is a surprise. Fine, let them take Manhattan, like the Muppets. But please friggin’ leave Rockaway alone!

  2. I’m so far removed from the inflated NY prices. Considering I have paid that much for a pint of beer in Manhatten, I don’t know if a $14 burger is cheap or expensive.

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