Pedigo Jewelers Ghost Sign in Indianapolis

Pedigo Jewelers Ghost Sign in Indianapolis

A quick trip to Indianapolis yielded a lovely terrazzo ghost sign find at 1042 Virginia Ave. in Fountain Square. An odd name, and odd but awesome lettering…

Pedigo Jewelers Ghost Sign in Indianapolis

Pedigo Jewelers Ghost Sign in Indianapolis

I looked up this store online and, sadly, found out that it closed a year ago following the owner’s murder after more than 50 years in business. Wow, terrible. More info here.

7 thoughts on “Pedigo Jewelers Ghost Sign in Indianapolis

  1. Their is another jewelery store operating in the same location now. It is called Bovaconti Jewelers. A suspect in the murder of David Pedigo has been arrested, still in possession of jewelery that was likely taken during the robbery.

  2. ask Indy courts what happened to Michael Inman, the man that had Pedigo’s jewelry and gun on him when he was being arrested for beating up a kind hearted, lovely girl that was working at a job while attending college so she could become a doctor (he left her to bleed out – thinking that he had killed her). He is back in Pendleton Prison serving 18 years for the beating and robbery for what he did to her. NO word about David Pedigo trial was supposed to have been on Jan 23, 2012.

  3. Pedigo Jewelers started at 1048 Virginia Ave. and this older store at this address was sold to Zales in the 1960’s by the Pedigos. The Pedigos then worked for Zales for a short period before opening a new store at 1042 Virginia Ave actually named Pedigo Wholesale Imports. The store at 1042 originally sold much more than jewelry.

    The ghost sign shown here is actually at 1048 – the older location of Pedigo Jewelers – Zales never removed it after buying the store.

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