ArtWorks’ Muralworks Walking Tour: tomorrow at noon, learn about the process and history of ArtWorks’ murals along Central Parkway.

A Wall in East Harlem with Something to Tell You: The Spirit of East Harlem by Hank Prussing chronicles the domino players, musicians, mothers, and playground denizens of the neighborhood during the 1970s.

Somerville Mayor Challenges Cambridge to ‘Interesting City’ Throwdown: “When did Cambridge become Natick? And when does Harvard Square officially change its name to The Cambridge Collection?”

Ghost Signs: Traces of Chicago’s History: online ghost sign catalog that’s part of a thesis project in Historic Preservation.

ProCro, SoBro, FiDi, BoCoCa: A Lawmaker Says, ‘Enough’: e.g. “NoBat, NoCal, BoHo, CanDo, ViVa (West Harlem between two viaducts), and, in Brooklyn, BoCoCa (where Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens converge) and GoCaGa (Gowanus meets Carroll Gardens).”

“Urban” Farming: The Nutshell likes our seed bombs!

Map of Metal: just that.

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