Making the Modern House Home: the Eero Saarinen-designed Miller House in Columbus, IN is finally open to the public.

Charley and Edie Harper Artwork in a Modern Cincinnati Home: more MCM eye candy.

Urbanized: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit: upcoming documentary about cities looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design.

The New York Apartment: A History of Vertical Living: NY Magazine‘s special issue devoted to apartment-dwelling.

Full of Phil Campbells: Brooklyn Man Plots Namesake Convention: planning a Phil Campbell event in the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama.

Surreal Photos of Subway Cars Being Thrown Into the Ocean: creating manmade reefs out of old subway cars.

A Map of Chicago’s Phantom Signs for Vanished Businesses: just that.


4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Too bad the subway cars are supposed to melt away. They could really mess with the minds of archaeologists 500-1,000 years from now.

  2. That subway article is awesome. The first comment is insightful, it makes me wonder what aliens would think if they visited us. “So you’re mining metal AND dumping it into the sea? interesting.”

  3. Nice one on the subway cars. I’d heard of this happening, but had no idea it was so widespread – or successful. Wish he’d taken a few photographs after the fact – marine life forming in and around the submerged subway cars. Something to think about next time I’m in a subway deep underground . . .


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