Downtown Cincinnati Drawings by Courttney Cooper

Cincinnati Drawing by Courttney Cooper

Courttney Cooper is one of Cincinnati’s most incredible contemporary artists. Working in the supportive atmosphere at Visionaries and Voices, he has become well-known for his intricate bird’s eye views of downtown Cincinnati and its environs, created primarily using ballpoint pens.

We first came across Courttney and his work soon after moving to Cincinnati, at an outsider art fair on Court St. downtown. The creative energy at the event, which included several V&V artists, was contagious and inspiring. Since then, we’ve attended many exhibits by V&V artists, and we’re really excited about this Friday’s opening of Cincinnati USA: Before Meets After, a solo exhibit of Cooper’s work at the PAC Gallery in East Walnut Hills.

Cincinnati Drawing by Courttney Cooper

Cincinnati Drawing by Courttney Cooper

Cincinnati Drawing by Courttney Cooper

Cincinnati Drawing by Courttney Cooper

Cincinnati USA: Before Meets After is at the PAC Gallery through 21 May 11.

7 thoughts on “Downtown Cincinnati Drawings by Courttney Cooper

  1. I have one of Courtney’s earlier works, a riverfront view. It doesn’t have the details of these works, I’d like to acquire one like these someday.

  2. I was privileged to see Courtney’s work when he was a child. He and my grandson attended the same school. These replicas do not reflect his beautiful renditions. If you are in the Cincy area, I highly recommend attending his show!

  3. You’re absolutely right, Joy. The work really needs to be seen in person. I couldn’t even find a decent close-up photo online to try to convey the sense of intricate detail.

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