Why Are We Changing Maps?

I’ve never watched The West Wing, but maybe I should start now. If this clip is any indication, I think I would enjoy it.

8 thoughts on “Why Are We Changing Maps?

  1. One of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite shows! Yes, some parts of the later seasons were not as good but I still liked ’em overall.

  2. One of the side benefits of being busy with seed bomb production is that we watch a lot of TV while we work. So, having a new [to us] show to get sucked into would be perfect right about now. Maybe we’ll give this one shot.

  3. It’s a mutual admiration club then – your linen pillows are my absolute favorite. That’s how I originally found you on etsy – love your design work.

    So nice to see your seed bombs got picked up by Anthropologie!

    This post inspired some additional thought on my part for my own posting today…http://dailypillow.tumblr.com

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