Detroit People Mover: Untitled by Farley Tobin

Untitled by Farley Tobin

Yet another Detroit People Mover public art piece is Untitled by Farley Tobin in the Fort/Cass station. Inspired by the Taj Mahal, the geometric, quilt-like mural consists of 30,000 individual tiles.

From a distance, you notice the repeating colors and patterns. Up close, you can see that even similar tiles are a little bit different from each other. This is my kind of public art — impactful at a distance, with a slightly different impact up close.

Untitled by Farley Tobin

Untitled by Farley Tobin

4 thoughts on “Detroit People Mover: Untitled by Farley Tobin

  1. It was lovely to see the work in a recent photo. For the record the walls have 14, 888 pieces give or take a few and was not inspired by the Taj Mahal. I know information about 30,000 pieces and the Taj Mahal is included in available handouts. I am passionate about Indian Islamic Architecture and had a research trip in India just before I fabricated this piece but the Fort/Cass work is not a part of that trip’s inspiration.

    You took away from the piece exactly what I intended. I do appreciate your inclusion of it on your site.

    Farley Tobin

  2. Wow, thank you so much for chiming in with your thoughts! You know, I wish you had a web site, so that I could have linked to it and also share more information about you and your work.

    I’m not any less impressed that the installation is made up of 15,000 pieces versus 30,000. It’s still amazing!

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