Harper……Hermes……..Hallelujah!: Cincinnati Modern shares vintages photos of the Charley Harper house, plus info about Rudy Hermes, the architect.

Atelier 2011: “The goal of the atelier is to provide a schematic design for the historic church on Race St.and 15th in Over-the-Rhine.”

Garden Goodies from Etsy: more seed bomb love!

Coney Island Boardwalk 8 Lease Deal in the Works for 2011: Brooklyn’s Coney Island will have mom-and-pop shops on the Boardwalk this one last summer.

Get Out of My Way, You Jerk! Researchers Study ‘Sidewalk Rage,’ Seeking Insights on Anger’s Origins and Coping Techniques: just that.

Robocop And The Pop Culture Landgrab: excellent analysis of the grassroots efforts resulting in Detroit receiving a statue of Robocop.

Tourist Information: LOLness spotted on the NYC subway.


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