Meet VisuaLingual: kind words from Not Made in China.

Antiques Saved From Casino Wrecking Ball: salvaging pieces from the old Wheatley Tile Company showroom on Reading Rd.

Just Vine: the Cincinnati Mercantile Library on the Walk Score and Over-the-Rhine.

The Midwest: Coming Back?: “it’s time to stop seeing the Heartland as a perennial loser.”

The Case Against Economic Disaster Porn: “You can revel in the sublimity of destruction, of abandonment, of the march of change—all without uncomfortably connecting them with their human consequences.”

Musical Subway Map: fun musical visualization of the NYC subway.

A Discourse on Emerging Tectonic Visualization and the Effects of Materiality on Praxis: “Or an essay on the ridiculous way architects talk.” LOL!


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