In Michigan, Hamtramck Pleads for a Bankruptcy Option: oh, boy, tough times for Hamtramck, the funky little city within Detroit.

News Building: Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York checks out a gorgeous office building lobby.

Joy to the World’s Ugliest Houses; Here are Five of Them!: yikes, my eyes are bleeding.

The Conquest: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: designer Delane Meadows visualizes the final book in the Harry Potter series by plotting out a time line that coincides with a map, along with key elements pointed out along the conquest.

My Trip Within Vintage Bus Pt. 1: Caught #9098 on M34: apparently there’s a vintage MTA bus that’s currently out and about on NYC streets; one transit fan documented the trip.

Reflections on the Literary Decline of the Subway: speaking of the MTA, the old “ads” featuring thought-provoking quotes from novelists and philosophers are being removed to make room for a promotional campaign on the subway.

Dribble Hometowns: sweet eye candy — over 400 designers illustrate where they’re from.


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