Los Angeles Break-Up Billboards by Jon Jackson

Los Angeles Break-Up Billboard by Jon Jackson

LOL! Designer Jon Jackson is leaving LA for a new job in NYC, so he designed a series of billboards publicly saying goodbye to the fair city of Los Angeles. Methinks he should make a similarly bold statement to introduce himself to Brooklyn, his new home.

Los Angeles Break-Up Billboard by Jon Jackson

Los Angeles Break-Up Billboard by Jon Jackson

See the whole project online at Adios LA or in person through 15 Jan. Via design work life.


13 thoughts on “Los Angeles Break-Up Billboards by Jon Jackson

  1. These billboards crack me up, too. I love that something like this can tweak our expectations of the format a bit — not every billboard has to sell something.

  2. 1. Would be better if the 2 first were legible billboards.
    2. Why would L.A. need to see other cities?
    3. New artist, very self-absorbed.

    All in all, they are ok if you pass by quickly and don’t read them or think about the design and designer.
    However, this student is getting attention and that is a big plus when beginning a career as an artist. Good luck!

  3. Dave, thanks for chiming in. As far as I can tell, Jackson, is not a student or very recent graduate. Self-absorbed? Maybe. Gutsy? I think so. This billboard prank seems to be accomplishing its goal of bringing new attention to the designer and his work, just as he’s accepted a new position that is presumably the next step in his career. As a self-promotional vehicle, I think it’s all very clever and well-executed.

    As far as why LA would need to see other cities, that doesn’t literally make sense. But, compare it to when you might say that to someone — at that moment, your concern isn’t for what the other person should be doing, but for what you want to do. Keeping that in mind, it’s Jackson who has decided to “see other cities,” so his statement to LA is really about his own plans and, as that, I think it’s a funny reflection of one way that people break up with each other.

  4. I’ve heard of young people breaking up with their boyfriends and girlfriends through text messages.

    When I saw this, I thought of that.

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