Around Town: MiCA 12/v: a short clip about Over-the-Rhine, MiCA 12/v, the Betts House, and our OTR-centric work.

RIP Roh’s: CityKin writes a touching tribute to the Over-the-Rhine hardware store that is closing after 62 years in business.

2010 Charley Harper Show at Fabulous Frames & Art: tomorrow is the annual Charley Harper show at Fabulous Frames & Art.

Please Welcome 13-Year-Old Real Estate Blogger to the Dancefloor: 13-year old Cole Perkins maintains a real estate blog entitled Lavish Property, explaining, “Yes, I know it is somewhat of an odd hobby for someone in my age group, but it’s my passion.”

The Public Square Goes Mobile: using technology for civic engagement.

Houses for Your Home: a cute roundup of art featuring houses, from Apartment Therapy.

And I Want to Be a Veterinarian Because I Love Children.: You Suck at Craigslist dissects an ad that starts with “Need a like actually attractive apt in a lovely area thats affordable.”


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