OTR Firm’s Prints on TV Show

Indy 500 print by VisuaLingual

Tee-hee, we’re in the local paper twice in one week! Three of our little screenprints are on the set of the hit TV show “Modern Family,” located upstairs in the Dunphy home. You can read more about this bizarre turn of events in yesterday’s Cincinnati Enquirer, and purchase the prints in our online shop.

Dandelion print by VisuaLingual

Salsify print by VisuaLingual


7 thoughts on “OTR Firm’s Prints on TV Show

  1. Great, I’ve been wanting one of your prints but keep procrastinating. I probably won’t be able to afford them now that you’re famous.

    OK, enough about me, THAT’S FREAK’N AWESOME!!!! how cool

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