Seed Bombs: The Dieline, “the world’s #1 package design website,” likes our seed bombs!

HomeWord: The Betts House: the Cincinnati Art Snob on the history of the Betts House, which has emerged as one of the great small art venues in Cincinnati.

Award to Artist Who Gives Slums a Human Face: the annual TED prize has been given to Paris-based street artist J R, who works in downtrodden urban neighborhoods around the world.

Light Drift: a temporary interactive lighting installation by Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program.

Greenport: Home of Great Signs: ghost signs galore in Greenport, Long Island.

Living with Mies: talking to the residents of the Mies van der Rohe-designed Lafayette Park in Detroit.

Liberace Foundation & Museum: Keep the Legacy Alive: actually, this museum in Las Vegas is closing.


3 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I went to the Liberace Museum many years ago, not because I am a big Liberace fan (who isn’t?), but to see one of Chopin’s old pianos that Liberace owned. I got lost getting there – walked around in the blazing desert sun for over an hour. When I got there, they wanted $15 to get in. Screw that. It was nice and cool & dark but I turned around & headed back outside.

  2. Thanks for the link to the Meis article. That is probably the most successful international style housing project ever. I went and looked at it on google maps streetview and it looks gorgeous (mostly because of the landscaping, but still..)

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