Touch ‘Em All: This Philadelphian Has Some Issues with Cincinnati: Cincy gets dissed, and so does the writer of this article. “Let’s not act like Yankee fans.”

Cincinnati Slang: pop, please, etc.

4 Rooms with Harbor Vu: a couple lives in the middle of New York Harbor on Liberty Island, in the shadow of miss Liberty herself.

Ancient Church, Welcoming Pub and Public Sex Environment: just that.

One-Fourth of the Concrete Jungle Is Covered by Backyards: “At 52,000 acres, all those front- and backyards account for almost twice as much as the city’s 28,000 acres of public parkland, which are not included in the Sustainable Yards’ count.”

Tektonomastics: “a collaborative effort to map the named residential buildings of New York City and beyond.”

History of Homes: a history of homes around the world.


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