Taking a Look at Cincinnati: the NEA likes ArtWorks‘ murals!

Cincinnati Streets by Higher Level Art: I’ve got mixed feelings about the Paint the Street project in Over-the-Rhine, but it got featured on Wooster Collective, so congratulations to everyone involved for that.

Getting Retail Right on Race Street: an excellent piece by Casey Coston on retail in downtown Cincinnati.

City Fathers Scramble to Keep New York’s Mini-Patti Smiths from Choosing … Detroit?: yup.

Reclaimed Placemats: The Best Part gives us some love!

Saved or Not? Signs from Coney Island’s Henderson Building: Amusing the Zillion reports on the sad state of signage in Coney.

The Future Is Marc: Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York checks out a “bookshop” by Marc Jacobs that replaced a bookshop. Sad and strange.

2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. That paint on 12th is getting beatup way faster than I expected it would.
    I don’t know what the whole reasoning was behind paint the street but it was fun, there were people and kids from all over the area there which kind of surprised me.
    What are your reservations on it?

  2. Maybe I’ll dedicate a post to some of the questions I’ve recently had about the value and purpose of public art. In the case of Paint the Street, I’ve heard from tons of people that it was a fun experience and that they loved being part of something so large-scale. So, it seems like a success in that sense.

    But, what about the form, content, and execution of the project? Beyond the audience of actual participants, who is the audience now, and what is this really communicating to them? How? Why?

    I don’t really see why this was done in permanent paint but, since it’s already seriously degraded, I suppose that’s a moot point.

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