Seed Bombs in San Diego

Yay, our West Coast seed bombs are now available at the San Diego Bay Flower Company, a flower shop located at 4822 Santa Monica Ave. in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego.

seed bombs by VisuaLingual

Practice random acts of gardening with our seed bombs! We make them by hand in our studio in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, using a mix of wildflowers native to the West Coast. Five seed bombs are packed into each little hand-screenprinted muslin pouch, ready for gift-giving.

The bird-, bee- and butterfly-friendly wildflower mixture includes Cornflower, Siberian Wallflower, Garland Chrysanthemum, Shasta Daisy, Farewell-to-Spring, Plains Coreopsis, Sulphur Cosmos, Wild Cosmos, African Daisy, Sweet William, California Poppy, Blanket Flower, Baby’s Breath, Tidy Tips, Mountain Phlox, Blue Flax, Sweet Alyssum, Annual Lupine, Lemon Mint, Red Poppy, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Desert Bluebell, Mexican Hat, Gloriosa Daisy, None-so-Pretty, Prairie Coneflower, and Black-eyed Susan.

Our West Coast Seed Bombs, and tons of other handmade goodies, are also available in the VisuaLingual online shop.


2 thoughts on “Seed Bombs in San Diego

  1. Your seed bombs would work perfect in my new online store for gardeners…check us out and drop a line if you’re interested in selling there.


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