Unofficial Etsy Featured Seller: VisuaLingual: an interview with us, in which we discuss our design process, inspiration, and plans for the future, in addition to sharing some tips that have worked for our business.

“Hallowed Ground”: “A few photos of stuff the same distance from the World Trade Center as the ‘Ground Zero Mosque.'”

Framing a Modern Masterpiece: five finalist teams are competing to invigorate the park and areas surrounding Eero Saarinen’s Gateway Arch, including the Missouri and Illinois banks of the Mississippi River.

Grammar Stickler: Starbucks Booted Me: a curmudgeon of a customer almost gets herself arrested over a bagel incident at Starbucks.

Cheaper Home Plan Fought: WTF, Cincinnati?

City Skyscrapers to Go Dark at Night to Help Migrating Birds: the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Time Warner Center, Rockefeller Center and the Worldwide Plaza will all go dark from midnight to dawn this Fall.

Abstract City: Red Eye: Christoph Niemann documents his flight from NYC to Berlin, with a layover in London.


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