“He Likes Cincinnati, She Paris; They Part”

He Likes Cincinnati, She Paris; They Part

Julie of the Betts House just passed this article on to me, and it’s too good not to share with my kind readers! Published in the New York Times on 4 May, 1911, it details the divorce proceedings of a couple who couldn’t agree on place. Cincinnati or Paris? Read on.

He Likes Cincinnati, She Paris; They Part

He Likes Cincinnati, She Paris; They Part

8 thoughts on ““He Likes Cincinnati, She Paris; They Part”

  1. 16 years in Cincinnati is enough! I love that article. I wonder what happened to her! Thanks for visiting Dovecote Decor! I love your name, it describes perfectly what we do!

  2. wow, even 100 years ago, people didn’t want to live in cincinnati.

    can i also move to paris just because of my “artistic temperament”?

  3. This is an amazing find. Thanks for sharing.

    I guess it’s a good thing she wanted to live in Paris over Cincinnati and not some dump of a city. I’d rather lose people to Paris, New York, or London any day over Louisville, Charlotte, or Tampa.

  4. Cincinnati is a great place to live. People do want to live here and those that don’t SHOULD leave. Drew?

  5. Bryon, Archibald S. White also found “another woman who will be content to live in Cincinnati,” so that’s two out of three, which isn’t bad. The tone of this article strikes me as very Perez Hilton, all gossipy and nosey. But it’s the New York Times, of all publications!

  6. The Queen City comes between them. Hilarious. Oh the NYT was a hive of yellow journalism and scandal-mongering for the longest time. I love this article; thanks for sharing.

  7. Or, Paris came between them. Wasn’t Cincinnati at one point nicknamed “Paris of the West” or something along those lines? In any case, yes, place came between them, and it presented an insurmountable problem.

    I love that the hotel staff was interviewed about what was [and wasn’t] going on, and the “it’s said” comments. If it’s said, it must be true.

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