100 Acres: Eden II by Tea Mäkipää

Eden II by Tea Mäkipää

Like Bench Around the Lake by Jeppe Hein, Eden II by Tea Mäkipää is a recently commissioned and installed work located in 100 Acres, the just-opened sculpture park at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It’s a two-part installation: the ship in the water and the guard house nearby.

Eden II by Tea Mäkipää

Eden II by Tea Mäkipää

The guard house offers views of the ship in the lake, and surveillance monitors located inside display footage of Eden II’s passengers, “imagined as refugees displaced by rising sea levels and the ecological impact of climate change.” Hmm, this scenario reminds me a bit of the film District 9, in which extraterrestrial refugees end up living in a slum outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Eden II by Tea Mäkipää

The artist Tea Mäkipää was born in Lahti, Finland, educated in Helsinki, Stockholm, and London, and now lives in Leipzig, Germany. Her work, much of it site-specific installation, focuses on humans as a unique animal species.


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