Garden Variety: VMAC + Cheese shows off the progress of the West Coast seed bombs she planted in her San Francisco garden!

Etsy Finds: Finger on the Pulse: the latest trends according to Etsy, including the folk charm of our Flourishing ceramics.

Building Awareness for Cincinnati’s Modern Design: article about CF3 and the Bellevue Hill Park pavilion designed by architect R. Carl Freund.

Beautiful Open Space: Downtown Indianapolis’s Best & Most Underutilized Asset: urbanOut on the parks and malls of downtown Indy.

In a Crumbling Estate, Creativity and History Meet: the state of a once-grand estate in the Hudson River town of Barrytown, NY.

Anonymous Photography: “An almost daily photo blog of Chicago centric architecture compositions and decompositions.”

What Makes a City Cool? Not Telling Everyone You’re Cool: heh.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Thanks for the shout out, you guys! And double thanks for the seed bombs…seriously. I’ve had so much fun watching them grow. Will have to post more pics soon — even a week later, the number of blooms seems to have doubled!

  2. Wow, that’s just awesome to hear. We’d love to see more progress photos! We’re currently working on some new seed bomb variations for the holiday season, which we’ll post here soon.

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