City Is Family: CityKin on the virtues and appeal of downtown Cincinnati’s Fountain Square.

Unintentional Indecency: rants and observations on customer relations from the owner of Detroit’s Bureau of Urban Living.

Derided No More, Suburban Life Is Turning Serious: a National Museum of Suburban History is in the works; this article includes the choice phrase “Despite the shrinking populations of cities and their waning influence…”

Everything You Think You Know about Mike Tyson Is Wrong: the boxing legend discusses Brownsville, the Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up.

Borderland/Borderama/Detroit: and essay in three parts — one, two, and three.

Census Stories: a series of short stories inspired by each of the US states, currently about halfway done.

Parking Lots and Empty Lots and Generic Pharmacies…: some long-gone Indianapolis buildings.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. M,

    Very much enjoyed surfin’ the Mike Tyson piece!


    when I worked as Special Ed teacher in Brooklyn…

    the student S.I.E. VII designation…

    “emotionally/behaviorally disabled”….

    was referred as “the Mike Tyson label”

    given his past exploits in the Brooklyn/NYC School system

  2. Wow, Brian. Tyson may be inarticulate and behaviorally challenged, but that nickname is just not right. I guess I’ve never kept up with boxing, but I had no idea that he was from BK, much less Brownsville.

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