Coney Island Furniture by Uhuru Design

Cyclone Lounger by Uhuru Design

Cyclone Lounger by Uhuru Design

Uhuru Design is a Brooklyn-based design/build company dedicated to sustainability. Their recently launched Coney Island Line uses reclaimed, 70-year old Ipe wood taken from the Coney Island boardwalk, which is currently being replaced with concrete planks. Above is their chaise inspired by the Cyclone rollercoaster.

See how beautifully weathered the pewter-toned wooden boardwalk looked in the dead of winter on my last trip home…

Below, an end table inspired by the Parachute Jump, shown in the above boardwalk photo.

Drop End Table by Uhuru Design

Drop End Table by Uhuru Design

Drum Lamp by Uhuru Design

Drum Lamp by Uhuru Design

Above, a lamp that takes its formal cues from the use of concrete-filled oil drums. Below, a console table inspired by the boardwalk itself.

Boardwalk Console by Uhuru Design

Boardwalk Console by Uhuru Design

Lastly, a coffee table based on the iconic Wonder Wheel.

Wonder Coffee Table by Uhuru Design

Wonder Coffee Table by Uhuru Design

Coney Island’s metamorphosis continues to sadden me and, let’s face it, I’m having a really difficult time accepting the destruction of this place as I’ve known it. The replacement concrete boardwalk seems hard and ugly compared to the weathered wood, but I have to admire Uhuru‘s design and craftsmanship, which looks forward and back. These furniture pieces allude to the site in a way that seems respectful and sophisticated. A piece of Coney history is being preserved both in materials and in subtle formal cues, in addition to the reuse of these quality wood planks.

If I had buttloads of money, you know that I’d be getting one of those console tables.

Via Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York and the Brooklyn Paper.


8 thoughts on “Coney Island Furniture by Uhuru Design

  1. I rally like that & I’ve never even been to Coney Island.
    Walking on wood is way better than concrete. Especially on a hot sunny day in bare feet….

  2. First off the Coney Island Boardwalk has NOT BEEN DESTROYED. I walk on it everyday year round – The boardwalk is 4 miles long form Brighton Beach to Seagate with the main section that most people know of in the middle where the amusement park, Cyclone, Ball Park, Wonder Wheel, Museum, Bar & Grills – The pier etc – located from W10th – W 23rd is housed. The Pier has been redone in fabricated wood – The main section is and always will be the Natural Honduras wood it has been for over 85 years now. The section in Brighton Beach – only 1/2 mile long is supposedly going to be concert – that is not definite as of yet. Pic of the Pier being redone with the layers explained –

    New Boardwalk (our  bowling lane)
    In front of Ruby’s being done in 2008 – this was a carriage lane withe real wood that was just completed – we joking called this Ruby’s Bowling Lane –

    The wood that is used and has been used for the boardwalk is not easily available wood – it takes 8 – 14 months to get one shipment in from Honduras. Whish is why certain sections have taken 3 years so far to repair.

  3. Thank you so much for chiming in with more details. My “destruction” comment was melodramatic and possibly misleading — I wasn’t referring to the boardwalk being demolished, only to my own growing nostalgia. The Uhuru site does mention “the demolished iconic boardwalk” — that’s another misleading statement, perhaps made for dramatic effect. But, I was under the impression that more or all of the wooden boardwalk would be replaced, so thanks for clearing that up.

  4. Whew, glad to hear it’s not being all replaced with concrete. I love the boardwalk. And that console is the stuff my decorating dreams are made of.

  5. Alexis, I didn’t mention this in my post because the Uhuru site doesn’t show this or point it out, but the Wonder Wheel coffee table spins! It’s like a lazy susan for your living room, making it a much more fitting homage.

  6. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the boardwalk becoming turned into high-end furniture.

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