More Respect – Signs ARE Art: the American Sign Museum is working on a project this summer with ArtWorks at the Cincinnati Art Museum. In other words, Tod Swormstedt now has a blog.

Price Hill History Highlights: interesting tidbits including the Dead Man’s Tree.

Tuesday Feature: VisuaLingual: enter this contest to win our seed bombs!

I want to ride my Bicycle, I want to ride my Bike…: EmenGee Designs likes our bicycle prints.

Oakland Prepares for Response to Trial Verdict: “Officials in Oakland are girding for the verdict in a closely watched trial of a former transit police officer accused of murdering an unarmed black man on a subway platform.”

Crime Topography of San Francisco: topographic-type maps showing crime data throughout San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

Adventure Playground: John V. Lindsay and the Transformation of Modern New York: the art and artifice, doldrums and delights, of New York City as rendered in film and on TV, from The Pawnbroker to Sex and the City.

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