Illustrations by Clayton Junior

Illustration by Clayton Junior

Clayton Junior is a Brazilian illustrator currently living in London, where he develops works for editorial, music and motion graphics industry and also prints, collages and comics. Above is his illustration of a secret restaurant in NYC, which was once the HQ of Andy Wahol and Jean Michel Basquiat.

Below, Junior’s illustration for A View of London, an exhibit at the London Transport Museum:

Illustration by Clayton Junior

A series of illustrations for Infraero Brazilian Airports annual report:

Illustration by Clayton Junior

Lisbon, for Icaro magazine:

Illustration by Clayton Junior

Illustration for Nobrow magazine:

Illustration by Clayton Junior

Via Grain Edit.


3 thoughts on “Illustrations by Clayton Junior

  1. It’s interesting that most of his work above shows people ‘realistically’ or phenotypically colored but Basquiat is pink.

    And Warhol is yellow, for that matter.


  2. I encountered this guy’s work recently from another site, perhaps grain edit. I really love his work and his style of illustration. You have provided more samples here which is nice. A couple pieces I hadn’t seen before. Thanks for sharing!

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