Historic Cincinnati Store Saved From Fire, but Not Demolition: more on Smitty’s in Over-the-Rhine.

The Malt Liquor Drinkers: 12th and Republic charts this neighborhood phenomenon.

Presenting: The Vend Diagram: absolute amazingness from the fellas who call themselves Internets Celebrities [via this NYT article].

Variety of American Grids: available as a downloadable poster from Discovering Urbanism.

Chair Bombing: DIY street life improvement courtesy of DoTank:Brooklyn.

Lessons in Park Slope Douchery: “This Park Slope douche has two kids, Phinneas & Calliope and Phinneas wants to be an Acai Berry Aficionado OR an AIDS quilter when he grows up! They have a Jamaican nanny […] and he drives a Prius.”


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