A Corner Store Once More?

the former Bang's Mkt. in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati

This one goes out to those of you with grand ideas and deep pockets: with the number of destination shopping and dining options on the rise in Over-the-Rhine, can you shift your focus to include the more mundane, low-order needs of the residents? How about turning this storefront, which once housed Bang’s Mkt., back into a corner store?

I know this is an unpopular opinion because it seems as though every corner store closure is treated like a victory. Forgive me for having to continually bring unSexyBack with this topic, and let me assure you that there is money to be made on the poor saps who run out of toilet paper at odd hours, or have the occasional lozenge emergency.

If my Walk Score [still an astounding 98!] were up-to-the-minute and actually accurate, I wonder if it would be affected by the recent closures and openings in OTR. Fewer corner stores, more gastropubs — maybe it all comes out in the wash.

This is a recurring topic here: for more thoughts on the subject, see Of Food and Justice, Bang’s Mkt. Ghost Sign in OTR, The Corner Store, and A Corner Store Cornucopia.


7 thoughts on “A Corner Store Once More?

  1. As much as I love Lavo and Senate, the area really needs a sandwiche shop you can get out of for $7-8 a person.

    With all the condo’s going in, I can’t imagine its too long before a corner store goes in. I know its a chain, but I’m in that Walgreens at 6th & Race constantly, can’t imagine what you guys are putting up with.

  2. I would be totally happy if a mom-and-pop drug store, corner store where I can buy things I actually need/want at the hours I need/want them or even a Walgreen’s moved in. I am constantly driving to Newport to pick up just about everything after work (as I do not work downtown).

    Agreed on a sandwich shop. A Melt-type place would be awesome, particularly if they were open later in the evening.

  3. I’m definitely in agreement that there should be some corner stores with a slightly wider selection beyond chips, soda, and slightly pricey beer. I’ve never been in Cianciollo’s (sp?) down on the souther part of Main, but I always imagined that to be a little more useful due to the fact that there is at least produce outside. I have heard rumors of an upscale food market on Main, but that won’t really cover the basics and probably not extended hours. Rumors also abound on a drug store on the 1300 block of Vine.

    Some more affordable restaurants with slightly lengthened hours would be nice too. I should probably plug Iris for staying open pretty late and having sandwiches and Myra’s soups, although I usually don’t think about it at night since its more of a coffee place in my mind. There are a few places on Court that are open longer hours and on weekends too finally. Venice on Vine and Enzo’s are nice for lunch too, but not really open long enough for later hours. I do think we are missing a good mid/lower price eatery, and also a bar with a cheaper expanded food presence (the current selection is either decidedly upscale, or free popcorn/hotdogs/ etc).

  4. I’ve lived in “destination” neighborhoods elsewhere and, while they’re fun in many respects, it’s always these little things that drive me up the wall. It is possible to take care of these mundane needs around here, but it’s just not as convenient or available as it should be. I use CVS and Walgreen’s at 6th and Race as my corner store-equivalents, but I’d much rather spend that money at an independent store closer to my apartment.

    Drew, I seem to remember a Ludlow St. study a couple of years ago that surveyed the businesses on that strip that people use the most, with the bank, drugstore and IGA coming out on top. Ludlow is known for its eclectic boutiques and restaurants, but it’s the mundane places that everyone uses.

  5. Other places to eat on the cheap in/near OTR: Steak and Lemonade, Ollies, Alabama Fish Bar, Tuckers and, while not their focus, Park + Vine (actually carries some Melt offerings).

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