Enjoy Your Weekend: hella sports, and an art event benefitting a great cause.

Not Just Another Night Downtown: Schwartz checked out a celebration of the creative career of one Anne Wainscott, who worked as an illustrator for Shillito’s department store and the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Little Miami and the B&O SW Spring Grove Industrial Track: Abandoned strikes again with photos and history illuminating the context of these two railroad lines.

Seed Bombing: in honor of yesterday’s Earth Day, flores del sol discusses guerrilla gardening and, of course, our little seed bombs.

Outfit No. 9: waysideviolet on the joys of bicycles, bicycling outfits and, wait for it, our seed bombs!

Brooklyn Heights Townhouse Is Actually a Decoy: it’s a secret subway exit!

New Life for a Destination That Hannibal Lecter Once Chewed Over: just off Long Island, the infamous Plum Island, which once housed a pathogen lab that studied foot-and-mouth disease and other contagious animal diseases, will soon be on the market. Will it become a luxury destination?


One thought on “Elsewhere

  1. Thanks for the shoutout.
    I should have added in there somewhere the show will be on going for a few weeks. I don’t have details on how to view it how ever.

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