Enjoy Your Weekend: the Crafty Supermarket and tons of other fun events are going on this weekend in Cincinnati.

Etsy Roundup: Favors: Something Green likes our seed bombs. Thanks, Angela!

Random Acts of Gardening: Delilah at Cool Mom Picks likes our seed bombs, too.

Designing Armitage: James Puckett of Dunwich Type Founders designs a beautiful type family inspired by letters on a Manhattan apartment building.

Soho. Nolita. Dumbo. NoMad?: “(a) buy up as much real estate as possible, in a kind of mini-Dumbo-fication; (b) bring in a business that can serve, like a mall, as an all-in-one destination to attract outsiders; (c) undertake a campaign to remake the image of the neighborhood in the minds of the public; or (d), as is the case with GFI in NoMad, all of the above.” Hmm, Gateway Quarter, anyone?

Good? Bad? Or Ugly?: Design Assembly takes a look at Brutalist architecture.

541 Vintage Postcards of Indianapolis: yup.


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