Victorian Penny Farthing Make-Ready Prints by VisuaLingual

You may remember that, last November, we participated in the Crafty Supermarket, a craft/design fair at the Northside Tavern in Northside, Cincinnati. For that event, we were asked to contribute something to the swag bags that were given out to the first 50 people, and we came up with a funky image of a Victorian penny farthing bicycle, printed on the layered test prints and rejects found in our studio.

As an experiment, we offered a few of these prints for sale in the VL online shop. They sold, so we put a few more online. When those sold, we printed more — we have no shortage of make-readies and printing mishaps in our studio, and this is a great way to give them a new life. We now have roughly 12-15 of these make-ready prints available for purchase online at any one time.

If you’re familiar with our work, you might recognize bits and pieces of some of our other prints — the Island Queen riverboat, Over-the-Rhine building footprints, and the prints from our new Flourishing line can all be glimpsed in the above mini-prints.

By the way, the Crafty Supermarket is coming up — this time it will be at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center on Sat 17 Apr. We’ll be there with bells on!


9 thoughts on “Victorian Penny Farthing Make-Ready Prints by VisuaLingual

  1. Yay! We have so much fun printing the bicycle prints. Our work tends to be fairly conceptually and/or technically involved, and these prints are just a fun little break for us, and the outcome is always a bit surprising.

  2. I love make ready prints! I am a letterpress printer, and I have to say some of my favorite pieces of my own have been created from the scraps I use to clean the press. These high wheelers are superb! I’m putting this post in my “Inspirations” file for sure.

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