Hukon Mfg. Ghost Sign in OTR

On 14th St. near Vine in OTR stands this humble building with its “Hukon Mfg.” ghost sign in chunky sans serif letters. I dig it.


5 thoughts on “Hukon Mfg. Ghost Sign in OTR

  1. Hey! Thanks for the mention in your article. Congrats! Love this post. I’m reposting on my blog. Keep in touch. Frank H. Jump, Fading Ad Blog

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  3. Frank, your Fading Ad Blog was the initial inspiration that got me photographing ghost signs and other details here in Cincinnati, when we first moved here a few years ago. So, if you take a look around this blog, you’ll probably recognize your own influence in a lot of what I’ve been documenting.

  4. Well then add me to your blogroll dag nabbit! Trolled around your blog and saw some familiar images. Wondering if some of the shots I took in Cincinnati over 11 years ago are still extant. Check out my website at the Fading Ad Campaign for some of those I shot while my first cross-country trip in 1999. Thanks again for your interest in my project. Best, Frank

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