Buckingham by Eva Zeisel

Buckingham by Eva Zeisel

This pattern, called Buckingham and designed by Eva Zeisel for Hall, is pretty rare. I’ve only come across a few pieces online over the past few years that I’ve been looking, and they’re usually quite expensive. I’ve seen a couple of mentions that the pattern was inspired by Zeisel’s prison-like view from her Riverside Drive basement apartment, when she first moved to NYC. If that’s true, kudos to the designer for turning a depressing view into something beautiful, though I’ve never come across any authoritative information about the pattern.

I first mentioned Buckingham about a year ago, when I wrote about lovely pillows by Bridget Davies, which remind me a bit of this pattern. I’ve been collecting these images for a while now, while I waited to collect the right piece at the right price. I got the vegetable bowl pictured here:

Buckingham by Eva Zeisel

Buckingham by Eva Zeisel

Buckingham by Eva Zeisel

See how the pattern on each piece is slightly different?

Buckingham by Eva Zeisel

Buckingham dinner plate by Eva Zeisel for Hall

Buckingham salad plate by Eva Zeisel for Hall

The casserole dish is amazing [look at the lid handle!] but, at over $100, it’s a bit out of my price range:

Buckingham by Eva Zeisel

Buckingham by Eva Zeisel

Buckingham by Eva Zeisel

Another recent Zeisel score is this Hall pitcher that was a promotional item for Macnish Scotch. Can you guess why we wanted it? Hmmm…

promotional pitcher for Macnish scotch by Eva Zeisel

If you’re not familiar with Eva Zeisel, I encourage you to check out this site about her. The woman has seriously lived — now 104, she is still working and creating her sensuous forms. She has been a pioneer in her field for over 80 years, and her creative output is daunting to consider. In recent years, she has been collaborating with a couple of designers I know — James and David of Brooklyn-based Klein Reid. She is such an inspiration to me, and I’m glad to finally have a pretext to give her props here.


11 thoughts on “Buckingham by Eva Zeisel

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  3. Hi, I was wondering if you still access this site, have the full dinnerware collection of this artwork. I’ve been trying to research and you’re the first I’ve come across that has this design. The dinnerware was a gift from my grandmother. It’s beyond beautiful. Please contact me.

  4. You are right about pieces being difficult to find. I’ve found other Ziesel patterns but have had no luck finding a Buckingham patterned platter to replace my great-grandmother’s which was broken.

  5. I just came across some of her Buckingham pattern collection. 10 pieces, I’m so excited!!

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