Willman Furniture Co. Ghost Sign

I haven’t been posting many photos of ghost signs lately — VL work has been overwhelming, so I haven’t had the time to wander around and take photos. When I do go out, I either leave town or end up at Honey in Northside for Sunday brunch.

This ghost sign-covered building is on Hamilton Ave. in Northside. Thank God for these arrows. Otherwise, I might not know the way to better values:

5 thoughts on “Willman Furniture Co. Ghost Sign

  1. We went to Sunday brunch at Take the Cake a couple Sundays ago, I swear I saw you guys eating at the table inside the front window of Honey.

    Funny how whenever I see a ghost sign now I think of you.

  2. That sounds right! It was the day after our Betts House opening, and we sat in the window with Michael’s parents. We looked into Take the Cake, but it seemed too crowded, so we settled for Honey, our old favorite. It was amazing, as always.

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