Het Kanten Huis by Sigrid Calon

Last year, designer Sigrid Calon created this temporary installation for the organization Kant Social Design Label, based in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

All the information I’ve found is in Dutch, so I’m a bit hazy on the details of all this. Kant Social Design Label appears to be a craft employment organization, and I guess this building is its project space and/or retail shop. The installation looks to have been monstrously scaled macramé or something like that. If anyone reads Dutch and can tell me more, I’d appreciate it. In any case, I love the fact that this little building was temporarily “captured” in oversized fishnet.

I’m familiar with Sigrid Calon‘s work because she participated in A Mad Tea (Towel) Party, the exhibit I curated almost two years ago at the now-defunct Nicholas Gallery in downtown Cincinnati. You can see her set of nine jacquard dahlia tea towels hanging in the middle of the space in the installation photos.


2 thoughts on “Het Kanten Huis by Sigrid Calon

  1. you’re in luck. i read dutch, because I live in NL.

    europe is far from perfect (americans, myself included, tend to forget this…). so we can start off there…

    there is a huge religious divide in NL between ‘christians’ and those of eastern descent/muslims…

    this project is an initiative by the cultural office (don’t ask, NL has so much state sponsored ‘culture’) of the city of Tilburg. the house is a workspace for turkish women to create artwork and ‘nice things’ (in dutch: leuk dingen) that can be sold. the turkish women work together with the 12 artists the city has picked for participation – but the artists are also able to work alone without the turkish women – but still be ‘inspired by them’… merging 2 cultures.

    the house will be covered for a year.

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