West Coast Seed Bombs by VisuaLingual

West Coast Seed Bombs by VisuaLingual

Practice random acts of gardening with our new seed bombs! We made them using a mix of wildflowers native to the West Coast. Five seed bombs are packed into each screenprinted muslin bag, ready for gift-giving.

The bird-, bee- and butterfly-friendly wildflower mixture includes Cornflower, Siberian Wallflower, Garland Chrysanthemum, Shasta Daisy, Farewell-to-Spring, Plains Coreopsis, Sulphur Cosmos, Wild Cosmos, African Daisy, Sweet William, California Poppy, Blanket Flower, Baby’s Breath, Tidy Tips, Mountain Phlox, Blue Flax, Sweet Alyssum, Annual Lupine, Lemon Mint, Red Poppy, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Desert Bluebell, Mexican Hat, Gloriosa Daisy, None-so-Pretty, Prairie Coneflower, and Black-eyed Susan.

Since introducing our original Midwest Seed Bombs last year, they have been featured in Vogue, House Beautiful, ReadyMade, Lonny Magazine, Woman’s Day, Design*Sponge, Frugal Bon Vivant, Hatch, Re-Nest, GOOD, Cranbrook Design, The Storque, and Harper’s Magazine, among other publications. We’re now expanding the concept with seed bombs for other regions, starting with the West Coast.

Our West Coast Seed Bombs, and tons of other handmade goodies, are available in the VisuaLingual online shop. The first brick-and-mortar store to carry them is Prairie Collective at 262 Divisadero St. in San Francisco, which just opened last week. For the past few weeks, I’ve been following its owners’ progress as they readied their cute retail space:

Prairie Collective in San Francisco

You can check out what Jill, Alethea, et al. have been up to on their studio blog. It’s so inspiring to see cool, passionate people open a store in this economy, and I wish them all the best. Hopefully I’ll get to visit in person one of these days but, in the mean time, I’ve got a few Bay Area friends to send their way.

Tons of thanks to The Urban Field Guide and Monkeys Always Look for the shout-outs!


7 thoughts on “West Coast Seed Bombs by VisuaLingual

  1. Congrats and thanks for thinking of us out west! At some point I’ll come out for a visit to see the 3D version of Cincinnati, but for now I’ll enjoy the beautiful depictions of it at home.

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  5. Hi, Kim. Thanks so much for your interest in our seed bombs! We create and sell them in various quantities. I’ll email you to find out more about your needs, or you can get in touch at mayadrozdz [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks again!

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