Enjoy Your Weekend: glass-blowing, maple syrup-making, and Cincinnati’s largest snowball fight.

Donna’s Stop and Shop: CityKin examines the site of a former corner store in OTR.

An Unusual Map Walks In: a Chicago Transit map tattooed on a foot! Found via Urbanophile.

Flashback: About That Suburban Home On 5th Avenue: back in 1947, “Fifth Avenue’s suburban corner… where country cottages are displayed for good causes.”

Gentrified Fiction: having never read any of these novels, I’m fascinated but can’t really comment on this essay that explores Brooklyn in fiction.

This Is Home: “If home is where the heart is, where is yours? A visual exploration of the concept of ‘home,’ across continents, oceans and neighborhoods.”

Slumburbia: Timothy Egan looks at the 21st century ghost towns on the West Coast.


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