HOME WORK Sneak Peek

ceramics by VisuaLingual

We’ve been busy. The White Death has actually been an awesome catalyst for hunkering down in our studio and cranking out tons of work in preparation for HOME WORK, our upcoming exhibit at the Betts House. We will debut our brand-new line of ceramics, textiles, and screenprints on paper, all inspired by the 19th century ornamentation found on buildings in Over-the-Rhine, where we live.

You’ve probably already glimpsed photos of our inspiration, so now it’s time to show off some of the finished work. Below, our screenprinted linen throw pillows, featuring repeating patterns that don’t repeat:

textiles by VisuaLingual

textiles by VisuaLingual

textiles by VisuaLingual

These simple white porcelain ceramic pieces have been embellished with our own transfers, using the same ornamental forms that have been put together in unexpected ways to create a new folk visual expression:

ceramics by VisuaLingual

ceramics by VisuaLingual

ceramics by VisuaLingual

ceramics by VisuaLingual

Michael and I really hope to see you all at the opening reception on Sat 20 Feb, 5-8pm. Our event falls right in the middle of the annual Fine Arts Fund Sampler weekend, which is filled with tons of free cultural events throughout Cincinnati.

UPDATE: Check out the new work in our online shop!


6 thoughts on “HOME WORK Sneak Peek

  1. Thanks, all! We’re really happy with everything that’s done so far, but we’ve got a million little tasks to complete over the next nine days. If you’re in the area, we hope to see you at the Betts House next Saturday!

  2. Wow, this all looks great. It’s a fairly elaborate transformation from your source photos, and it’s great to see a bit of your progress from the origin to the finished product. Good luck with the exhibit.

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