Enjoy Your Weekend: wildflowers, art, DIY maps, and Rookwood Pottery.

Urban Rapture at the Carnegie: come on down to Covington tonight to check out this exhibit of new paintings by the talented OTR-based artist Cedric Michael Cox.

Glare vs. Glow — Vine Street Too Bright: CityKin critiques lighting, from the streetlights on Vine St. in Over-the-Rhine to suburban gas stations and everywhere in between.

Cincinnati’s Transient Crowd: urban up critiques Cincinnati’s bar and club scene, from the high-profile, flash-in-the-pan venues to the long-standing establishments.

To ‘Urban Explorers,’ Eyesores Are Art: a profile of a couple of Cincinnati’s intrepid explorers.

Honest Tom’s New Look: the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia is now tackling lunch trucks. Hear that, Cincinnati?

Bodega Down Bronx: a cool new video from the Center for Urban Pedagogy.

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