Brooklyn Is In Da House

I just got back from a little trip back home, so life is a bit hectic and chaotic right now. I’ve got tons of photos and observations to share, but I’ll start with this mural I spotted on the corner of Flatbush and Lefferts in Brooklyn.

These photos actually represent only part of a community project by PLG Arts; see more photos and learn more here.


6 thoughts on “Brooklyn Is In Da House

  1. Beautiful panels. Is that plywood for a painting surface? Helped some friends move from their place on Ocean Avenue in — 86? 87?
    Many moons ago. Give me Prospect Park over Central Park any day.

  2. I’m rather fond of the “eat more fruit” panel.

    Schwartz, I don’t know the billboard you mentioned. We wandered up and down Flatbush quite a bit, but it’s a looooong street, and we only covered a small fraction of it. Where’s the billboard?

  3. Oh…. ignore that other comment about murals being totally lame. Those folks need to make their way out to Oakland and show us what’s up.

  4. Oh, my goodness, Christine, there are so many awesome murals out there! This particular one isn’t my favorite, but it’s beautifying a construction fence, which is a positive thing. I’ve documented tons of cool murals in different cities on this blog; you can see them here.

    My new favorite around here is An Epic Tale of Time and Town by Christian Schmit, plus I photographed many cool ones in Bay Area on my last visit.

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