Urban Rapture Poster by VisuaLingual

Our talented friend Cedric Michael Cox is having an exhibit of new paintings entitled Urban Rapture at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, with an opening reception on Fri 8 Jan, 6-9pm. I designed the poster as a follow-up to the one I did for his Soul within Structure.

In the same way as before, the forms in the poster are drawn from one of Cedric’s paintings and from the architectural form of the venue. In this case, The Carnegie’s logo features the iconic dome, so that’s integral to the design of the poster. I guess you can tell that my work for Cedric has been loosely branding him. That makes sense, because his work is fairly consistent, and I think it helps people recognize his promotional materials for various events.

Here’s how Cedric paid for the design and printing of this poster:

The opening reception encompasses all the gallery spaces within The Carnegie, including an exhibit of new paintings by Scott Donaldson, who also brought us the Emanuel Center mural in OTR and the Campy Washington mural in Camp Washington.

5 thoughts on “Urban Rapture Poster by VisuaLingual

  1. You rock thanks for the shout out. I dropped your poster off to Lennel and Pamela Myricks and they love your work. They think your ideas and interpretation of my paintings are very strong. I signed both posters for them and they have them hanging in there home.

    Thanks and good luck with the show at The Betts House
    Cedric Michael Cox

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