Thank You, Neighbors

Vine St. print by VisuaLingual

Thanks so much to those of you who came out to MiCA 12/v last night to meet us and members of the Contact Center, and to purchase the Vine St. print. Thanks to Building Cincinnati, CityKin, and BuyCincy for spreading the word. All proceeds will fund our redesign of the organization’s storefront signage. If you’re interested in purchasing the print, stop by MiCA 12/v, which still has about half of the edition left. Long live grassroots dogoodery!


5 thoughts on “Thank You, Neighbors

  1. Our paths will cross sometime, Matt. It’s inevitable. If you’d like to buy the print, MiCA 12/v still has some, but very few of the pre-framed ones are left.

  2. Thanks, Kevin. It was a busy evening with tons of things going on. The reception was a good catalyst for spreading the word about the organization and this project; thanks so much for helping out with that.

  3. Nicely done illustration, and I really appreciate the insight into your collaborative process. It’s so fascinating to learn about how exactly creative people work together.

    Best of luck with this project, too.

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