Vine St. Print Launch Party

Vine St. print by VisuaLingual

December is a busy time of year, but we sincerely hope that you’ll be able to join us this Saturday, 19 Dec, 6-9pm at at MiCA 12/v on the corner of 12th and Vine in Over-the-Rhine. We will be hosting a reception and launch party for our latest project — a print depicting the West side of Vine Street between 12th and 13th Streets. All proceeds from the sale of this print will benefit new storefront signage that we will design for the Contact Center, a nonprofit community organizing agency located in OTR.

Here’s a closeup of the Contact Center in the source photo and in our print:

And the same for MiCA 12/v:

As we live around the corner from the Contact Center and from MiCA 12/v, and since we glean so much inspiration from our neighborhood, this project is near and dear to our hearts. Make a day of last-minute holiday shopping in OTR, support some of the coolest shops in town, check out our new print, and support a great cause!

If you’re curious about the technical specs, this is a 4-color serigraph printed in an limited edition of 40 on bright white, acid-free, recycled cover stock made by the French Paper Company, a small, family-owned paper mill based in Niles, MI. Our inks came from Suder’s Art Store at 1309 Vine St. in OTR. The print measures 19.75×9 inches and fits perfectly into an Ikea Ribba frame, as shown in the above photo, because we’re both clever and thrifty.

People often ask Michael and me about the nature of our collaborations. We tend to share ownership of our work, but the collaboration is rarely 50/50. For instance, the Cincinnati Building Footprint print was Michael’s idea, but I suggested extending the Ohio River to the edges of the paper:

Cincinnati Footprint Print by VisuaLingual

The Over-the-Rhine Anagram print was my idea, but Michael suggested Clarendon, the typeface I ended up using:

In the case of the Vine St. print, however, we got about as close to a 50/50 collaboration as you can get. Faced with a lack of immediate funds for the project, Michael suggested a fundraising print — like a graphic design bake sale! I came up with the idea of illustrating the block where the Contact Center is located. I shot the source photography. Michael traced the photos and scanned in the drawing. I finished the illustration digitally and colored in the drawing. He chose the paper but, when we couldn’t get it in time, I picked the substitute. When the paper arrived, Michael trimmed it down to size, while I mixed the ink colors. He printed while I watched for printing problems and laid down each new sheet of paper, and placed each printed sheet on the side to dry. I went through the prints and pulled out the bad ones, and then he numbered and embossed the good ones. Things don’t always work out this way, but it’s great when they do.

If you’re on Facebook, please RSVP to our event and consider inviting anyone you know who may be interested in this project.

If you can’t attend the launch party, the print will be available at MiCA 12/v and in our online shop, too. Please help us realize this signage project for the Contact Center with either a print purchase or by donating directly to the organization.

4 thoughts on “Vine St. Print Launch Party

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  2. Thanks so much! This particular print is very close our home and hearts. You could say it’s an experiment in hyper-local, micro-level entrepreneurialism. We’ll see how well it works out!

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