Wild Edibles Prints by VisuaLingual

This new series of eight tiny Wild Edibles prints includes Persimmon, Morel, Salsify, Dandelion, Jerusalem Artichoke, Nettle, Pawpaw, and Spicebush — edible plants that can be found in wild places, backyards, or parks in the Midwest; many are also common throughout the United States. Each limited-edition print measures 4×4 inches and was printed in two or three colors.

These prints are for sale in our online shop, and also at the Variegated Open Studio event this weekend, part of the Holiday Stroll in Catskill. So, if you’re in or around Catskill, NY, head on over to Variegated at 337 Main St., 11am-9pm on Saturday or 11am-5pm on Sunday to pick up some great gifts by local artists and designers [and us, who are not local to that area].

A quick word about Variegated: they are talented friends of ours who design absolutely beautiful bedding and throw pillows. Look:

The studio is currently having a massive Online Sample Sale, with prices below wholesale. Luxurious fabrics, rich colors, bold prints, nice stuff.


11 thoughts on “Wild Edibles Prints by VisuaLingual

  1. Aaron, I agree that Variegated’s current site is sort of useless, but it is just a placeholder. And, as someone who also spends time making stuff, I empathize with the other [really important] challenge of getting a site built that functions well and reflects a studio’s work and philosophy accurately — take a look at our current site for a much more pathetic placeholder!

    For the moment, check out Variegated’s blog, where Jim and Corbett have been posting lovely things that inspire them and their work. You can also find a bit more information about them there.

  2. These new prints are absolutely adorable! I especially love the dandelion and paw paw. Thanks so much for sharing your latest project!

  3. I absolutely love your new prints, they are so beautiful! I can’t wait to feature them on my blog! Everyday so many people click over to get a closer look at those beautiful seed bombs you’ve made. I clicked on your name in the comments and found my way here and now I’m so excited to explore!

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