Tile at M&M in Downtown Cincinnati

Wowsa, right? This here glittery tiled wall is at 615 Main St. in downtown Cincinnati [apparently, it’s the M&M Building]. How amazing is this ampersand?

Most of the tile I’ve seen and documented in the Cincinnati area is roughly circa 1900, but I do have a soft spot for the less common, more Modern examples like this one. One of my favorites is the striped tile pattern facade of the fire station at 5th and Central:

I also really like the scattered patterns [like the one above] of Smith’s Toggery Shoppe:

And at Gabriel’s Corner, both in Over-the-Rhine:

Tile at Gabriel\'s Corner


3 thoughts on “Tile at M&M in Downtown Cincinnati

  1. I knew you’d find this eventually. If only the rest of the M & M looked so cool.

    Ghost sign question: have you checked in with the American Sign Museum? He has been listed as both an Essex PL off McMillan address, as well as a Monmouth St. in Newport address. If he’s still in business, he might want some of your ghost sign photos. It’s not like he can put an exterior wall on display. I think his name is Todd something. Roadsideamerica.com had a write up about him, if I recall.

  2. We’ve been to the Sign Museum and have spoken with Tod several times. I think it’s still in the Essex Studios building, but there are plans to move it to a free-standing building in Camp Washington. You’re right that he might be interested in these photos; it never even occurred to me to ask him.

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