Building Drawings by James Keniston

A couple of weeks ago, I mixed up the work of two great illustrators, and showed you Christine Berrie’s work, accidentally crediting it to James Keniston. With apologies to everyone for the confusion, here is James Keniston‘s actual work.

James Keniston studied art in London and Bath, and currently lives in sunny Orange, CA. For more of James’ work, check out his site and Etsy shop.

For more work along similar lines, check out Christine Berrie, Nigel Peake, Paola Serrao, Luke Painter, Hennie Haworth, Natsko Seki, and Alice Tait, among others. If there’s anyone else out there who renders city buildings in an interesting way, please let me know.


One thought on “Building Drawings by James Keniston

  1. Wow, these are so charming! Thanks for clearing up your mistake and for introducing me to the work of yet another talented illustrator!

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