VisuaLingual Work in Situ

Cincinnatian Alli, the lovely lass behind One Pearl Button, attended last Saturday’s Crafty Supermarket in Northside, and was kind enough to post photos of her purchases, including some of our own work!

Above, our Coney Island vintage typography print. Below, the Bar 1132 coasters:

She got there early and was lucky enough to receive a swag bag, which included one of our penny farthing make-ready prints:

If you didn’t get yours, we still have a few available in the print section of our online shop. Each one is unique, printed on [sometimes layered] test prints from our previous projects. $10, postage paid.

Alli also inexplicably sent us this photo of a couple of wanna-be hipster doofuses. I have no idea what’s going on here. I think he’s saying, “What the what?” and she’s wondering if someone farted. Who are these crazy kids?

If you haven’t yet checked out Allie’s blog One Pearl Button, do so now — it’s filled with gorgeous photos, crafty projects, funky fashion, and tons of visual inspiration. Thanks for the photos, Alli!


4 thoughts on “VisuaLingual Work in Situ

  1. Arianna, it’s always a thrill to see how people live with our work but, more than that, it’s also amazing to know that people choose to live with our work in the first place!

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