Enjoy Your Weekend: art and sports.

Daisy Mae’s Market: let’s all welcome this new produce vendor to Findlay Market.

The Art World Goes Local: according to the Wall Street Journal, the mantra “buy local” now extends to the art world.

Space Hotel Says it’s on Schedule to Open in 2012: a bit of anti-local news.

Detroit House Auction Flops for Urban Wasteland: sad tales from Detroit.

City Dreams Illustration Series: bizarre, dense illustrations of life in New York City.

Bike Racks by David Byrne: the Talking Head himself is an avid bicyclist and cycling advocate; now a bike rack designer as well.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I’ve been on the buy local Art bandwagon since moving to Cincinnati. It just makes too much sense not too, incredible talent, you don’t pay an arm and two legs for it, and your money stays here.
    Win, win and win.
    You can’t go wrong.

  2. I’m completely with you, Schwartz. What I found interesting about that article was it was really about the high end of the art-buying market, focusing on people who are both serious collectors and who spend money on art that you and I probably can’t really wrap our minds around.

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